March 27, 2015

Searching for the perfect partner is generally a especially challenging journey to undertake, and it may be for a lot of reasons. To provide an example, you may have only ever had quite brief relationships over the years, so you presume you are doing things wrong and that you will never pick a lasting partner. You might be making the wrong choices along the way, and choosing the wrong type of individual for you. Or perhaps it is that you just don’t have the confidence to contact anyone, or have a lack of confidence in yourself.
No matter what the explanation may be, it’s necessary to acknowledge and understand that it’s possible for everybody to find love. Effort, enthusiasm and commitment are needed if you want to not only find a partner, but if you also want the partnership to be happy and healthy.
Here’s a list of dating and relationship urban myths along side our very own tips of the true reality –
Myth – “I am fearful of being rejected”
The reality
Just what is there to be petrified of? If you ask someone out and they decline, then so what! You will feel far more relieved that you actually did it and were confident enough to ask someone out that you liked.
Fear of getting rejected is extremely common, but should not be something that anyone should worry about. How often have you already let the man or woman of your dreams slip by simply because you didn’t ask them on a date? And who could say, they might have said yeah!
Myth – “If I’m not immediately interested in someone, then it is not really worth the effort”
The reality
This is one of the biggest reasons why poor decisions are made when finding a companion. Plenty of men and women are convinced if they are not immediately interested in someone, then it isn’t going to work. This is simply not true, and there are lots of men and women that have been pals for a number of years and can eventually finish up in a partnership with each other.
It is vital not to ignore the possibility for a relationship with someone simply because you do not find them attractive at the moment, and be open minded to everyone in your life. You just never know who could suddenly catch your eye after all this time.
Myth – “I am going to only ever be content if I can find a relationship”
The reality
Not everybody should be in a relationship to be content, and there are many people who prefer to be single. Perhaps they are just not ready and also the timing isn’t ideal, or it may be that they just choose to indulge the single lifestyle for a little while longer until they think they are able.
Being single does not indicate you have to devote every waking hour seeking love, and it isn’t the only place you are going to discover happiness. Do not force the issue and be patient! Every so often love will just choose you, and if you are happy being single for the time being, then don’t stress and speed into anything.
Myth – “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”
The truth
It’s better to get into a bad relationship than to be single correct? Entirely Wrong! Here’s a widespread belief and one that’ll usually lead to disaster. Being a part of a bad relationship will make you both miserable – and life is way too short!
Don’t feel like you need to stay in a relationship merely because society as well as your pals seem to think so. Your happiness is the most crucial thing, and you do not have to rush into anything that does not feel right.
Myth – “I do not like to disagree and that is all that transpires in a relationship”
The truth
Guaranteed, if you end up disagreeing and fighting a lot in a relationship, then it is probably a good plan to take a step back and start thinking about if they are the right partner for you. Just about all partners will fight at one point during their relationship, and for the most part it’s deemed healthy and normal.
In order to maintain a very long and balanced relationship, it is essential for partners to discuss their disputes freely, and to let each other know how they’re feeling. Most arguments can be resolved easily if a couple can sit down together and talk rather than shouting at each other.

One of the principal factors why a relationship doesn’t endure is because couples find it hard to reveal their feelings with one another and help each other go forward. So however daunting it may seem when thinking about a relationship, you should definitely not let the chance of a disagreement put you off. Just recognize that at some stage it will occur, and that you can both comfortably resolve it.
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