Many religionists claim that they can so deeply implant the tenets of their religion in the mind of a child that there never can be room in that mind for any other religion, either in whole or in part. Moreover, any student (except those who have not yet grown big enough to examine truth that steps upon the “pet corns” of their own superstitions) may check the soundness of the principle of social heredity as it is here applied to the six basic fears, without going outside of his or her own personal experiences.

legend of master online hackWith this explanation of the manner in which the law of social heredity operates the student will be ready to examine the sources from which man inherits the six basic fears. The claims are not greatly overdrawn. Following a British journalist to Moscow, it promises “a multi-sensory narrative about artists and their voices”. Silence After their haunting collaboration on Water in 2007, the brilliant Filter Theatre Company re-team with David Farr for this devised piece using actors from the RSC ensemble.

Powerful and mighty is the fear of CRITICISM! The time was, and not so very long ago at that,when the word “infidel” meant ruin to whomsoever it was applied. It is seen, therefore, that man’s fear of CRITICISM is not without ample cause for its existence. Alice 2011 will be the year of the Alice ballet. Designs are by Antony McDonald, and Robert Moran contributes a new score. The dancers will include Ekaterina Kondaurova, Uliana Lopatkina, Evgenia Obraztsova, Diana Vishneva, Vladimir Shklyarov and Igor Zelensky.

Highlights include Alexei Ratmansky’s Anna Karenina, Balanchine’s romantic Scotch Symphony and brilliant Ballet Imperial, Jerome Robbins’ In the Night and an all-Fokine programme. Touring website 12 April to 14 May The Mariinsky Ballet The artists formerly known as the Kirov return for a summer season. Ashley Page’s new version for Scottish Ballet starts with the heroine tumbling through a camera lens. A poverty-stricken New York City was the fabric from which these three artists made their work.

Gordon Matta-Clark cut a building in half, Trisha Brown choreographed a piece performed on rooftops and Laurie Anderson played the violin wearing ice skates frozen in a block of ice. Tilda Swinton plays Eva, the mother trying to work out just what pushed her son Kevin into an act of horrendous violence. She hasn’t directed a feature since Morvern Callar in 2002 but hopes are very high for her comeback film, an adaptation of Lionel Shriver’s novel.

Released 1 July We Need to Talk about Kevin A decade ago, the Scottish director Lynne Ramsay was seen as the great new hope of British cinema. TBC, BBC2 How TV Ruined Your Life A six-part series from Charlie Brooker, exploring the fairground mirror British television holds up to reality, and how misguided it can be to treat the images you see on screen as a decent likeness. TBC, ITV1 Faulks on Fiction A four-part series about the history of the British novel, presented by Sebastian Faulks and avoiding the timeline approach by considering the genre through four of its archetypal characters: the Hero, the Lover, the Snob and the Villain.

The visit includes Balanchine’s glorious Theme and Variations, Tudor’s romantic drama Jardin aux Lilas and Paul Taylor’s peppy Company B, danced to songs by the Andrews Sisters.

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