The award recommendation from 3rd Battalion 5th Marines originated with 1st Lt. He died a month after his heroics in that Fallujah house, but Adlesberger was posthumously recommended for the Medal of Honor. Dong Yi and moved up the chain of command, with concurrence from Adlesberger’s battalion commander, regimental commander, and division commander. The document examined by Business Insider did not include any comments or reasoning as to why.

star wars commander hackTwo years later, when his recommendation reached the MEF Commander, Lt. John Sattler, it was downgraded to the Navy Cross, the nation’s second highest award. Narrative-wise the episode kind of gets away from itself, although it does show how a cascade of geopolitical misunderstandings, fueled by a lack of basic trust and assumptions of bad faith, can rapidly bring the world’s powers to the brink of all-out war.

And this now-classic clip, in which the U. exposes its total ignorance of the ambitions and very nature of Russian foreign policy – leading to a near-instantaneous breakdown of a relationship vital to global security -seems downright prophetic these days. He imbued his great charisma and good acting into the best character of the original Star Wars saga. The great actors Peter Cushing and Alec Guinness did an excellent job, and so did the now legendary Harrison Ford (Han Solo).

Even with the flaws I had with the story the acting was really good. Another Murray moment – his famous gaffe about why women did not make suitable executives;