สมุนไพร กำจัด ปลวกTermites are very minute insects which creep into a homestead in colonies. If left unattended they end eating anything wooden in their path. They should therefore be detected and destroyed in good time before they flatten your home. As is often said, prevention is better than cure, so it is best to avoid the pests at all costs. But if they are found to be on your structure then a suitable method must be selected to exterminate them. There are very many ways to get rid of termites, and we are going to look at some of them.

One of the ways in which one can get rid of termites is by use of pesticides, which are also known as termiticides. This is probably the easiest and most straight forward way. It is also the cheapest among all other termite riddance systems. Pesticides for killing termites are easily available at vet stores. A good quality termiticides may cost more but it will sure do the job better than one of the cheap chemicals. Before applying, read the manufacturers instructions and follow them to the letter. Usually the termiticides are sprayed in the areas that are affected and within a few hours one can see the results of his handiwork as the termites start dying. The only drawback with this method is that it does not cater for termites that may recur in the future.

Gas Fumigation
Fumigants can also be used under this category. In this method, the entire structure is tightly covered and then a chemical gas is let into it. The poisonous gas then kills the termites this is a good method though it is relatively expensive since only professionals can do it effectively.

Chemicals on the Wood
Another way of getting rid of termites using chemicals is by applying chemicals to the wood. It is done by first drilling holes in the infested wood or the one intended to be protected. Then the chemicals are poured through these holes and allowed to seep into the rest of the timber. Any termite that comes across this chemical, as it eats the wood, will then die. This method is effective both at the present and in the future occurrence of termites.

Termite Baits
This is a tow step process. In the first step, cellulose cartridges are used to attract termites. Once they show up the cartridges are then exchanged with baits, which if the termites feed on they promptly die.

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