stilland war hackIt appears that the US Presidents strategy is not working and the administration is looking for a face saving disengagement. The US administration is looking for a deal to extricate the US from Afghanistan and is relying more and more on Pakistan and the ISI for this purpose. We have witnessed rioting in Haiti, protest in the Philippines, and stories of people killed in Egypt all because of the high prices in basic foods for survival. What has triggered mass protest and fighting around the world of apocalyptic proportion in developing nations?

Some possible causes but not limited to: What has caused the high prices of food around the world? For example, let’s say that you are a consulting firm, a good U. ” Certainly this would be of interest to anyone, even top level CEO’s. could be “Our average clients experience a 25% increase in sales revenue along with a 20% reduction in overhead cost. 3 billion bushels of corn, or nearly a fifth of U. That’s up 28% in just one year. Ethanol production reached 6.

According to the IBD (investors business daily) The National Corn growers Association says 2. 5 billion gallons in 2007, and it’s headed to a federally mandated 9 billion this year. production, went into ethanol in 2007. This denied the North Korean forces from capturing Pusan. On July 5th 1950 American Task Force Smith which was a larger part of US Army’s 24th Infantry Division which was based in Japan fought for the first in Osan, suffering a heavy defeat.

The northern army pressed on and by August, U. When the allied forces were confined in Pusan, they sought the US air forces which flied about 40 sorties every day. soldiers and the South Korean forces had been pushed back around the City of Pusan In what marked the escalation of the war, the allied forces fought the Battle of Pusan Perimeter. I told them about my quest to gain you as a client and they said they would be happy to give me a referral!

Finally, it is important to strategically find an angle of entry, or a way that you are going to get in front of your prospect face to face. A great way to do this is by calling the Whale and asking them for business advice. Jones, I just wanted to let you know that I recently finished a project where my client experienced 30% sales growth in 30 days. Don’t pester them daily rather strategically follow up, each time with a new message still tied to your U.

This accomplishes two things, you will obtain valuable information to help you in your business as well as build a rapport that can result in securing the account. Jones, I know you are a busy man but I really admire what you have been able to accomplish as chairman and I would appreciate a few minutes to pick your brain to help me take my consulting firm to the next level”.

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