I think I’m used to the chaos and I arrive at work only to realize that I must go shopping to cater for the afternoon meeting. How I’ve actually made it to Wednesday is beyond me. Things go relatively smoothly this morning. Perhaps it’s those “happy pills”, maybe the fact that I’m eating better, or more likely, I am simply functioning on auto-pilot. Today is not my lift scheme day and I look forward to a nice quiet lunch with my colleague from my previous job.

I do a few things in the office and then head off to the shop to buy the eats. My boss is subjected to grunts, nods and head shakes from me as I refuse to be civil to her. But for Pia Heikkila, a Finn by birth but a truly global citizen – she’s lived in Turku, London, Afghanistan, Mumbai, the list goes on – she has found the expat life to be insular, and that dealing with it is a matter of pragmatism: “The expat life can be suffocating because it’s so confined and small