Playing Madden online is difficult. You have real, thinking players, ones that are likely equally as adept as you or close, so knowing all the strategies available to you can be the difference between and a big W and a loss. Certain things are available to you to make sure you have the greatest chance at winning each time out.

Study all the teams in Madden. If you know the rosters, you should be able to know which matchups you can exploit with your squad. If not, you can always pause and look at their depth chart, although the play is a little rude.

Settle on one team and stick with them. You should have one go-to team that you know with detail. Stats are more detailed than ever, so study the specifics of your most important players to know what they can do efficiently and what they cant, such as deep tosses or spin moves.

Develop a strategy. You should have a go to attack for every situation. This means certain plays that always work, pre-set audibles, and other things of that nature. Try and have a audible and a way to take advantage of any defense shown to you. If you ever find yourself clueless, you werent prepared up to par.

Practice. Play offline with colleagues or go to practice mode to get specific plays down or find specific plays that work very well with your club. Ideally, play against other humans frequently but if you want a impressive record, you may absorb some nicks on the way.

You can still win by just going on the internet and playing with your instincts, but to be a truly great Madden player you must implement all of the above described tips. They will allow you to compete and win decisively against some of the best players in the world  and crush the worst.

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